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Going Beyond Genre Expectations

All genres have rules and expectations. But look what happens when we push beyond them and create something fresh.

Ballroom dancing + amazing choreographer + Take It Off by Kesha = One kick-ass dance (This is definitely not your mom's ballroom dance)

Or in writer’s terms:

Genre + amazing writer’s imagination + desire to break the rules = Agents beating down your door.

Now go and see how you can challenge the boundaries of your genre.

This weekend I was doing the above dance (though I didn’t look quite so sexy in my barely-there angel costume) as part of my HAPPY DANCE. Why? Because my awesome CP, Christina Lee, signed with a wonderful agent.
I love Christina's books and can't wait to cheer for her during the submission process. I've even had my pom-poms fluffed.

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Going Beyond Genre Expectations + weekend