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Make Like a Boy Scout

Last weekend, I learned a valuable lesson: never leave your camera battery recharger at home. No. Matter. What. Sure your camera might claim your battery is full. But it’s lying. Because once you get to the hotel, it’s going to tell you the truth. And you might not want to know what that is.
Yes, despite that, I did manage to take a number of pictures before my battery decided it had had enough. And I should have known better because: battery + cold weather = rapid power loss.

Being prepared also applies to writers. How many times has a brilliant idea hit, and you’ve had to scramble for a pen and scrap piece of paper (or napkin) before the idea goes POUF!, never to be remembered again?
As some of you know, I love running. That’s when I solve a lot of my story problems. Last spring I was struggling with a number of plot issues, so I went for a run. Fortunately I anticipated that I would be flooded with ideas (or maybe that was wishful thinking) and bought a pen with me. I learned two important things that day: 1. It’s not as easy as it looks to write legible sentences on your legs. 2. It takes two days to scrub ink off your skin.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve written your notes on? Are you like a boy scout, always prepared for everything?
(note: all three photo were taken with my Canon Power Shot SX200 IS point & shoot camera)
Today I’m talking about creating the sizzle in edgy dark YA on Sarah Fine’s blog. If you haven’t already done so, definitely check out her blog. She always has awesome writing advice from a psychologist’s point of view. Her blog is one of my favorites.

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Make Like a Boy Scout + weekend