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Turning Your Blog into a Website

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Two months ago, I blogged about a recent trend in which many New Adult authors aren’t using websites for their main hub of activity. They’re using their blog to substitute as a website. All the information about their books, their latest news, where they can be found in the world of social media is located on their blog via the use of ‘pages’.

Last week, I read H.R. Sinclair’s post on having a website verses a blog verses a wlob. I knew what the first two meant, but had no idea what a wlob is. Turns out it’s a blog that has a static landing page instead of the dynamic page that we’re use to seeing. Author websites typically have a static landing page. You click on a header to go to the author’s blog.

I knew you could do this with Wordpress, but until H.R.’s post, I had no idea that you can now do it with Blogger. (Warning: it’s a lot more complex than it is for Wordpress.)

I’m considering making changes to my blog this summer, which will include a new design. The question is: do you find wlob’s annoying? Would you prefer to go straight to the blog page? Or are you okay with seeing the static page first? Do you even check out author websites?

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