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The time is approaching swiftly...

Tuesday, November 1st is the first day of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month... ) Because I don't think I have enough to do (apparently), I'm going to participate and pray to reach that magical goal of 50,000 words. Uh-huh---
So, I'm still asking for some guest posters to help this site out. I'm still going to do the daily devotionals over at www.encourage365.com along with the Bible study here and Thankful Tuesday...
But I don't want to neglect this blog the rest of the time.
If you are interested, I still need 2 more... I'd give you a cookie if I could.
Email me at ohthatmomagain [at] yahoo [dot] com.
Thank you so much for your help... and your prayers as I try to mark this off of my "Always wanted to do" list :)
Much Love, Kelly 

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The time is approaching swiftly... + Review