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I’m Being Stalked!

As far as I know, I’m not being stalked by some crazed guy in my neighbourhood. And I’m not referring to the wonderful lurkers who follow my blog or who follow me on Twitter. I’m talking about one annoyingly persistent dude who keeps trying to 'friend' me on Goodreads.

I love Goodreads. It’s an amazing resource for finding out what everyone’s reading in your genre. You follow people (friends) with similar tastes as you, and you get updates as to what they’re planning to read, what they’re reading, and what they thought of a particular book. This is how I keep up-to-date with the new and upcoming releases. It’s a brilliant idea, especially if you’re new to a genre.

The one downside is that you get frequent updates (lists) of what your friends are reading (etc). To make it easier on my inbox, I only follow those individuals who read what I read. If you don’t read YA (or romantic suspense), I’m not going to follow you.

But one guy just doesn’t get it. I keep “ignoring” him (Yep, it’s a button you can click on when you get a friend request.), and a few days later he’s friended me AGAIN.

Sure, we have some friends in common, but that’s it. So please stalker dude, quit trying to friend me. Because until you start reading the books and genre I love to devour, you and I, seriously, are never going to happen.

Is anyone else having problems with stalkers (and I don’t just mean on Goodreads)?

If you’re dealing with a real one (the kind that poses a threat to your safety), please check this out.

Update: Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I finally figured out how to send him a message. Hopefully he get's the hint now.

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