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Just Kiss Already Blogfest

This is an excerpt from my WIP, Shot in the Dark (YA contemporary). Maddie and Daniel were watching a movie at his place. She fell asleep and had a nightmare. This is their first real—and I mean steamy—kiss together. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, they’re not dating—yet.


“Sorry,” I say, voice little more than a croaked whisper. “I guess I should have warned you about the nightmares.”

He sweeps a strand of hair behind my ear, the same worried expression still on his face. “Are they because of the attack?”

The intensity in his eyes ignites a spark inside me. The warmth of it flickers hungrily, wanting, needing something more.

Half aware of what I’m doing, I lean toward him. His faint spicy smell soothes me, makes me feel safe. My gaze drops to his mouth then we’re kissing.

It starts out sweet and tentative at first, but the desire to soak him in, to taste him becomes overwhelming. With my teeth, I gently tug on his lower lip. A muffled moan escapes him. He tangles his fingers in my hair, pulling me closer, if that’s even possible.

The warmth inside of me swells as his lips part and our tongues dance together, touching, teasing. It never, ever, felt this way when I kissed my last boyfriend, and I never want it to end.

I tentatively slide my hands around the waist band of his jeans and inch them under the edge of his t-shirt, eager to touch and explore every part of him. Okay, almost every part of him. There’re some places I’m not ready for yet.

My earlier exhaustion has vanished. All I want to do is keep kissing him and escape the memory of my nightmare.


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Just Kiss Already Blogfest + YA