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First, I want to remind those of you who signed up for the Kiss Already Blogfest that it's for this coming Monday. I can't wait to read all the entries.

Now for the That's YAmore Blogfest . . . .

This is an edited version of an excerpt from my WIP. Maddie is Nordic skiing with Daniel, the potential love interest. She's faking a sprained ankle after he attacked her with a snowball.


Daniel’s so busy examining my ankle, he doesn’t notice me scoop up a handful of snow until it’s too late. He tries to dive out of the way, but doesn’t move fast enough. I shove it squarely into his face.

Laughing, I roll onto my side and try to scramble to my feet. Only this time Daniel’s the faster one. He grabs my wrists and pins them on the snow above my head while I try to squirm my way to freedom.

An evil gleam appears in his eyes. “You surrender yet?”

“Never,” I breathe, suddenly aware of his muscular thighs on either side of my hips, his face close to mine. If I thought my pulse was fast from skiing, that was nothing.

For a long second, I wonder how his lips would feel against mine, but then shove the thought aside. It’s so wrong on too many levels.

I try to twist away from him, but he tightens his hold. He then shifts his weight so that one hand keeps both of my wrists in place, and with his free hand, he unzips my jacket. The cold air kisses my bare stomach. My long sleeve t-shirt must have wiggled its way up during our wrestling match.

He takes a handful of snow, and with a devious grin, rubs it onto my stomach. I shriek at the freezing sensation and try to buck him off.

“You asshole!” Maybe it would have sounded more convincing if I wasn’t giggling.

He grabs another handful of snow. “Surrender?”


There you go. For a much steamier excerpt, check out my entry on Monday's post.

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