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Exercise Blog Hop

Today I’m participating in the Exercise Blog Hop hosted by Michael Di Gesu and Steven Tremp, Alex J. Cavanaugh, and L. Diane Wolfe. This is where we talk about how we keep in shape, especially since writing means keeping our butts in the chair and having an ample supply of chocolate by our side.

I can answer that in one word:


I live to run. That’s when I dream up plot points and blog posts. But a few months ago, I discovered that running up and down the stairs in my house during the winter and yucky weather is a bad thing. I also learned that ignoring ankle pain is also a bad thing. Wow, who knew?

Fortunately months of physio have gotten me to the point where it feels like someone is hammering at my ankle for only ten minutes when I run (at least it doesn’t feel like a sledge hammer anymore), and after that the pain is only mildly uncomfortable.

Did I mention I LOVE to run? *grins*

My tips:

1. When you exercise, multitask. This can be exercising while brainstorming your story, or lifting weights while watching the news.

2. Don’t ignore pain when you exercise. Sometimes it’s more serious than you realize.

What do you do to keep in shape? Or do you struggle to find time to exercise?

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Exercise Blog Hop + love story