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5 Minute Friday-- Connect

Linking with Lisa-Jo (www.lisajobaker.com) for 5 minute Friday. Today's word is: Connect


Sometimes it's hard to connect to people. I know I have that problem. I don't want to say the 'wrong' thing, so I don't say anything-- OR I nod and smile like a buffoon because I don't know the right words.

I do much better when I have a backspace...

Do you feel more comfortable online than in real life? I"m not saying I'd rather live on my computer, but I am saying the computer has a delete button-- and it has spell check lol. Real life doesn't. And I end up a stuttering mess if I'm not careful.

It's not that I don't want to connect to people. I do. I just try to think about what I'm going to say (must be the writer in me... always editing lol) and then it just doesn't come out right... like when you are editing and just delete a whole sentence because it doesn't make sense.

I'll get better at it. I'm working on it. It will be fine :)


If you don't mind, I'd like to ask for prayers for my 2 year old. She had her first (and hopefully her last) seizure Tuesday and had to stay in the hospital because they didn't know why she had a fever. Turns out she has bronchitis. I'm still giving her medicine every 2 hours but so far her temp has stayed down. I'm just a little freaked out about it all. And I'm sure she would appreciate the prayers for the coughing to go away and for her to feel better again. Thanks :)

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