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Thankful Tuesday~ 10/25/11

Thankful Tuesday 
This week, I am thankful for...
*... quiet moments.
*... good news.
*... pajama day at school
*... finding dollar bills.
*... 3 healthy kids.
*... hair color (yes, I took the plunge again--)
*ABCs Once Upon a Time: The first show in a long time my husband I actually watched together (and wanted to watch)
*... much needed kisses.
*... chewing gum (it gets you through some hard times)
*... chocolate.
*... a roof over my head.
*... that I'm not on a reality tv show.
*... healing prayers.
*... that magical fairy that cleans my house (oh wait... scratch that---)

*... that my hands are able to clean my house.
*... paper towels (after my 15 month old got mad at me, pulled off her diaper, and peed on my kitchen floor Saturday---)
*... shoulders to lean on.
*... happy dances.
*... Motivation (even if it comes from annoyance).
*... New challenges.
*... that moment when you finally get to lay down after a long day-- that glorious time when you get to stretch out and go-- "Ah!"
Now it's your turn :) Write down some things you are thankful for on your blog and link up here. They don't have to be in list form. It can be anything you are thankful for. OR you can leave some in comments. I love it when we take time to count our blessings.

HAPPY, love, and more:

Thankful Tuesday~ 10/25/11 + Review