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What do you think of 'INKspiration'?

Okay, so yeah, I know this blog has gone though a lot of changes and a lot of names in the past few years. It started as a:

*mommy blog

*cleaning blog

*Christian blog

*homemaking blog

Now it's an *author blog... with everything else thrown in too.*

I've never wanted this blog to just be one thing. I always wanted to have it change (and it has :) ). The original name of the blog was "oh that mom again" (I still love that name... but it didn't fit the blog any more... booooo).

Tuesday, I held a contest on my fb author page (you should 'like' it if you'd like to be 'in the know'. It is easier for me to write a short blurb than a post lol... anyway). The contest was for someone to pick out a new name for the blog... the winner would get a character named after them in one of my new books (attitude their choice).

There were SO many good choices. It was very hard to choose because they could have all fit. In the end, I chose INKspiration. Because it combined writing (ink) and God (inspiration for the writing).

There you have it... INKspiration! I love it.

Big thanks to contest winner ANGELA A. who will have a character named after her in a new book :)

"Went into this book with a preconceived notion that it would be ho-hum as I'm not a fan of many books that involve religion or prayer. But I was so pleasantly surprised and quickly fell in love with Rachel and Asher and Rachel's faith gave me something to think about. Wonderfully written and so enjoyable and NOT predictable. Hoping there is going to be a follow up and it becomes a series. Well done!"--- REVIEW from goodreads about CROSSING THE DEEP
Have you picked up your copy? I'd love to hear what you think.

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What do you think of 'INKspiration'? + Novel