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Confessions of a Forgetful Mommy

There are 4 things that are certain:
The love of God
me forgetting something.
(sigh... )
This may make you feel differently about me (or you might shake your head and go... "AHHHH! That's me!!). I'm hoping for the latter-- I guess (Don't know how cool it is to hope forgetfullness on a person... )
ANYWAY, I've rambled so much I forgot my point.
Oh yeah!
I'm forgetful.
Case in point:
Yesterday at work: (cue flashback music)
I teach special education preschool. After naptime, we get the kids up, and they go potty, get ready to go home, etc.
Well, in my brain I said (and I HEARD myself) to a little boy, "Go get some Germ-X".
Got that?
Ok, the boy went to the bathroom (a room which doesn't contain Germ-x). And I said, "No.. no. I said get some Germ-x."
And he looked all confused and perturbed and all, "What's up with you, Woman?"...
My aide (bless her... she's over 50 and has a much better memory than I have) said, "Um.. Mrs. Kelly. You told him to go into the bathroom and wash his hands."
I looked at her, blinked once or twice, and said, "No, I told him to get some Germ-x." (because, um, I did... didn't I?).
And she said (all nice and calm, with a hint of laughter in her voice), "Um, no. You said, 'Go to the bathroom and wash your hands."

And the little boy just stood there and nodded... like "See I listened, you crazy lady.. har har."

And my daughter (who is in my class) came out of the bathroom and said that's what she heard too.

Now, there are 2 options here:
1. They are all conspiring against me, making me feel like I'm the crazy/forgetful one.
2. I have the mind of a gnat.

Am I the only one who deals with this? Seriously, I'm just 30 (when you get 30 you have to say JUST cause otherwise people assume you're old... ) --- is this what happens when you are 30?!?
My Brag on God for this Friday is that He's put people in my life that can keep me straight... because, obviously, I need it. :)
Much Love ~Kelly
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Confessions of a Forgetful Mommy + Review