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Sooooooooooo, on a mommy board I'm on (a lot) it was mentioned that I should start a blog (because I tend to talk... a lot ;) ), and it happened to occur to me that I already HAD a blog... as in, way back in 2007 I started one, posted a few times, and then forgot about it.

So, I did some digging and found it :) It's so cool to look back at what you said years ago. I mean, my 4 year old NOW, Chloe, was 8 months old then (the same age as my now youngest, Everlee). I'm hoping that I can keep this up and have a place to look back when my ladies get bigger.

A little about me first...
My name is Kelly. I'm a southern girl with a wicked southern accent. I can't tell you who to imagine is talking when you reading this because, IMO, there aren't many actresses who can do a convincing 'Southern'... so I guess you should read this as if I'm the female version of Matthew McConaughey. You're welcome for the visual.

I have a husband Brandon and 3 little girls. Katie is 5 and in Kindergarten. Chloe is 4, and Everlee is 7 months. And that is it for us. Unless some act of God happens (which I admit could happen) then that's it. I love my little family and all of my ladies.

I feel as though I should 'explain' myself some. I'm a CIO using (not really crying... more fussing), epidural getting, formula feeding, Pampers buying, working Mama. Basically, I'm not a natural mama by any means. A general term is 'jello' (ie, if an AP mama is 'Crunchy' than a non-AP mom is 'Jello' aka, the most non crunchy food ever lol) I say that I DO LOVE those Mama's who do that. I love readin earth Mom blogs and the like, but that's not 'me'. I'll give you the old addage of 'my kids are fine' because they are lol. I hope not to get into that much, but knowing me, I will lol... I don't like to get on a soapbox with that (much ;))

I don't intend for this blog to be a serious thing... but I may have to post some 'Very Special Episodes'. Who knows? I won't ever talk about my job (I'm a teacher and I like my job SO I don't want to get fired for saying something or it being taken the wrong way). And I probably won't talk about my marriage much (not bc I don't love the man, but because I don't want to say something in the heat of anger that my followers... er. follower) might read and then I'd feel about saying it later. I'll mainly talk about my kids, my tv addictions, my life being a Mommy (maybe a wife at times), and whatever random stuff pops into my mind. (Be warned)..

Anything else???????????????????? Dang, well I feel the disclaimers are out of the way... are you still with me? Have I scared you off? I hope not bc I'd love for this blog to be a happy place where you can go on after a hard day to just relax... and laugh at poor ole Kelly lol. That would make me the happiest. If I can make someone smile, then I'm happy...

Ok, that's it. My first blog post in over 2 years... Here we go... again!

FUN, HAPPY, hope, love, and more:

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