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5 Minute Friday- Expectation

5 Minute Friday, from The Gypsy Mama, is where you write for 5 minutes. No editing. No going back. No second guessing (ok, maybe a little second guessing).

This week's word is: Expectation


I have a lot to say on expectations, but I'm not sure how much I want to actually say 'out loud'. Let's just have a hypothetical situation and go from there:

Picture if you will, it's your anniversary. You have expectations on how it will turn out. Your husband has other ideas. In the end, you go to bed bitter because your expectations haven't panned out and your feelings are hurt.


I'm not going to lie, me and anniversaries don't go well. I always end up upset over something. Yesterdays being upset came from a lack of communication (you'd think being married for 9 years would make you able to communicate... )

I have other expectations besides in marriage that hurt me sometimes. When I check my email, hoping for some news on an agent or a publisher and fine a rejection letter-- or worse yet-- nothing.

Expectations are a thorn in my side. If I could just move forward, not expect so much, just... *be* I'd be a much more content person. That's what God wants. He wants me to be content with what I have-- not what I don't.

If yesterday was a test, I failed.

But today is a new day (thankfully!). The sun is shining. The kids are smiling. Today is loaded with possibilities... as long as I don't expect too much, I should be fine. ;)

Lord, I pray that I keep a positive attitude today. I pray that I don't get bitter, and I have a wonderful day. I pray that, in some small way, I help someone today as well. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


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5 Minute Friday- Expectation + Review