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Nothing is too small for God... Part 1

So, about an hour, I didn't know what I was going to type tonight. I had a few ideas. I was going to post a recipe that my family loves. I thought about posting an example of S.O.A.P (Please click that link. S.O.A.P is an awesome way to go through the Bible and apply it to your life. I'll show you an example of it hopefully some day this week.). However, while I was rocking the baby to sleep, this popped in my mind.. and I knew I had to write about it tonight.

And THEN while the Ladies (my oldest kids, 5 and 4) were doing our nightly Devotionals another post came to me... Then I figured out that they are related (how cool!). Tonight I'm doing part 1 and tomorrow part 2 (See.. something to look forward too ;) )

The idea that popped into my head while rocking the baby was "Nothing is too SMALL for God.."


Wait... what?

SMALL... isn't that supposed to be BIG? Nothing is too BIG for God! God can move mountains. God can cure "incurable" disease. God can sustain life. God can do BIG things.

Yes... yes he can.

But he can also do seemingly 'small' things.

Mark 10:27--Jesus looked at them intently and said, "Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God."

Mark 9:21-- "What do you mean, 'If I can'?" Jesus asked. "Anything is possible if a person believes."

Ok, when I read those, I think of BIG things.. HUGE miracles. GINORMOUS acts of GOD. ANYTHING... EVERYTHING those are BIG words...

But don't they also mean the opposite?

The smallest thing God can fix.

The most insignificant worry we have, God can help us though.

But if you are like me, the small things are the things I don't pray for. Those little "tiny" things are the things I don't want to 'bother' God with.

God is NOT like us Earthly parents (thank goodness lol). You parents know how it is. Your child has had the same bruise for 2 days.. but still talks about it.. constantly.. and in that whiny voice... that you just want to say, "You are FINE!"


Or your kid comes up to you and is crying over the most insignificant thing you can even imagine. My middle daughter nearly had a meltdown when Nick Jr. changed their night time viewing schedule.. I kid you not. She was squalling, and I thought it was the littlest thing to be upset over. *I* didn't take the time to really understand WHY she was crying. She was upset because she can't tell time, but she knew when she was supposed to go to bed according to the show on Nick Jr... when they changed the schedule, she didn't know what was coming next and it scared her.

Something BIG for her, was something pretty little to me. We worked it out, but still...

I haven't prayed like I should over this mole removal/biopsy/cancer thing going on with my arm because eveyone tells me it's not a big thing... and I know that. I know that if it IS cancer that we will just cut it out and all will be done. I think I whine too much about this biopsy hurting (I know, imagine that lol) and how sick I've been all day. I have made my family endure looking at pictures and/or seeing the remnants of ole Spud. Poor Family...

Guess what I just figured out? I've been 'whining' to the wrong 'person'. My friends and my family have been WONERFUL to have to put up with me lol. Honestly, I could talk about it all day (and it seems I might lol). But I REALLY need to be talking to God about it. God's not like an Earthly, human parent who (as much as we try) get tired of hearing things from our kids.

NOTHING is too BIG... or too little for God.

I'm going to admit that I've been kinda embarrassed to pray for my arm because it's such a 'little' thing and there are so many other people in the world with it much much MUCH worse. I didn't want to bother God with it... well... that's the great thing about being God... you can deal with it all. There is no 'Miracle Quota of the Day'.

Got a test you need help with...
Need some energy to get through your day...
Got an ache or pain you want to pray about it...
Want some cleaning motivation (had to sneak that one in there.. you know I had to ;) )

Go for it.

God will listen. He won't think the problem is too small

(Wow, tonight's post was pretty therapeutic for me lol... ). So, in conclusion. Pray for big.. pray for Small... because God can take care of them all...

Tomorrow is part 2 of 'Nothing is too small for God'-- I'm looking forward to it! :)

Much love,


*P.S. don't forget to start on your bathrooms! Quest #4 is in full swing! I'm changing the deadline to Saturday (You're Welcome!! lol )

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Nothing is too small for God... Part 1 + TIME