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Surviving Infidelity

My poor husband will never be able to show his face again in the public library. At least not after the books I borrowed this week. Surviving Infidelity plus Children and Divorce. They really are research for my new YA novel, End of Forever, which I plan to start writing in the New Year. My husband and I are very much in love, and have witnessed the heartbreaking devastation infidelity has on a marriage and family.

I came close to explaining to the librarian why I needed the books, but then changed my mind. That’s pretty much the same thing as saying they’re for a friend. Okay, maybe a tad bit more creative. Oh well, what’s a writer to do? On the bright side, one of my writer friends, who read my novel, Lost in a Heartbeat, told me it is so obvious how well researched my novels are. That’s always good to know.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

(P.S. The whole infidelity thing was decided on before the Tiger Wood’s scandal)

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Surviving Infidelity + weekend