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Each week, my Blogger dashboard becomes home to whatever blog tour is going on at the time. This made me wonder how effective these tours are.

This isn’t a scientific survey. I haven’t come up with a null hypothesis. I won’t be performing any fancy statistical analysis. And I’m not presenting my results at a conference. Been there. Done that. No thanks.

But I am curious as to what others think about them. Don’t worry, this won’t be painful. Nothing like what I made my research subjects endure when I did my Master’s of Science thesis [insert evil cackle here].

If you have any additional comments, I’d love to hear them, especially what you love and don’t love about blog tours. Are there certain types of posts you like better (interviews, reviews, other)? I’ll be discussing the results next week.

(Note: unfortunately the questions are too long for my blog design, so I've also listed them below.)

1. Do you voluntarily read posts involved in a blog tour? (I’m not talking about reading a post just because someone commented on yours).

2. Have you bought a book you saw on a blog tour, and you hadn’t already planned to buy the book before the tour started?

3. Have you bought a book you saw on a blog tour, but before the tour started, you were sitting on the fence about buying the book?

4. Have you ever changed your mind about buying a book after you read a post on the blog tour? (i.e. you were going to buy the book but then decided not to.)

Chocolate kisses to all who filled in the poll. Remember, the answers are anonymous. I have no idea who you are, so you can be completely honest.


This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. There won’t be a post on Friday, but I’ll be back Monday.

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