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Working With Your Publicist: Guest Post

When Justine Dell announced the release of her book, Recaptured Dreams, I asked if she could write about her experience working with a publicist. Something we all hope to get to do one day. Thanks, Justine, for sharing your insights with us.


Right after my book was accepted at Omnific, before I even got my editorial letter, I was thrown into the waiting arms of my publicist, who I would learn would be my guide through the publishing process and would direct me into the world of getting the word out about my book.

Phew, I thought. No big deal. But then came the lists. I mean like LONG lists about things I needed to do--accounts I needed to set up (Shelfari, Feedburner, Goodreads, Library things, Twitter, Facebook author page, book page, a book website, a blog just to name a few). Because I had most of them, I flew through them. I was pretty well prepared in the social networking department, but I would feel sorry for anyone who wasn't. Thank goodness I was prepared for that!

Traci (that's my publicist!) also guided me through the process of developing my book trailer and cover. Omnific did all the hard work, mind you, but I did get the chance to put my two cents in! It was Traci who keep the communication between them and me open and happy! Traci also helped with my official book blurb, my author bio, my press release, etc. She's also helping with my online and on-sight book launch party.

As we got closer and closer to the publishing date, Traci and I started to work out the details for a blog tour. Now again, because I had such a strong social networking presence, I was able to set up over a month's worth of stops on my own with my own blogger friends. Traci set up book reviews by romance bloggers. Together, Traci and I decided to give away a free ebook at each stop (22 in all), and I designed the bookmarks and offered them up as another prize. Basically, it was a lot of brainstorming between Traci and I. I would have an idea, she would have one, and we'd put it together so it would work for *me*. Together we set up the blog tour, the reviews, the month long giveaway on my blog, Goodreads giveaway, etc. She's great. If I need something or have a question, she's right there.

The main idea is to get word out the about your book. And your publicist helps you arrange that. (And bloggers rules...remember that!)

What you need to expect from your publicist is someone who will help you organize yourself (if you're not organized, which thankfully I am!) and bounce around ideas that would work to market your book. In the beginning it's a lot of leg work, setting up those accounts and stuff, getting YOU, the author out into the world, and then it's time to get your book out there, too. The main thing you need to have ready is an open mind. No one formula works for every person, so you have to be thinking about things you would like to see. Did you write a book about aliens? Maybe you would have a twitter twitpic contest of the reader who comes up with the best costume #aliensrule. You see? Your imagination has just as much in this as your publisher. You work together.

Now even though I had a lot of connections and did some stuff on my own, it's important to point out that my publisher, Ominific can do a variety of things. It depends on the author. Sometimes they exclusively use book bloggers to get the word out. Sometimes the word gets out early and then people approach them. My publicist is a big proponent of giving the book away because for all the marketing, the best thing IS the book. Once people read it, you'll get fans. And word of mouth is a powerful thing. Omnific can set up twitter chats, twitter contest, conference appearances and all sorts of stuff. It really depends on your book...and you.

Working with a publicist is the most amazing thing there is. But it's also a lot of hard work :-)

Has anyone else worked with a publicist? Any words of wisdom you would like to share with us?

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Working With Your Publicist: Guest Post + tour