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Helping to Prevent Suicide: Epic Giveaway & Auction

Every year in the United States alone, over 35,000 people kill themselves. Many more attempt suicide (10-20 for every suicide) and fortunately don’t succeed.

Sarah Fine and Justine Dell have joined forces to bring you this wonderful opportunity to win cool stuff AND help The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. LOTS of other bloggers and authors and agents have donated the cool stuff!

If you want to bypass the giveaway/auction and donate straight to the cause, YAY! Here is their Out of the Darkness Donation page: HERE.

The giveaway started on Monday, Oct. 1st and you can find some deets on Sarah Fine's Blog. There are two widgets (which you can find on Sarah's post):

1. Epic Giveway. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions and enter to win SUPER cool stuff. Oh, and here's a bonus: for every 250 entries we receive (up to 1250), Sarah Fine will donate $100 dollars to the Out of The Darkness Walk. YAY! Which means if we get 1250 entries, Sarah will donate $500 dollars to the cause!! So ENTER! And tell your friends!

2. Sarah and Justine's Dynamite Donation Giveaway. For every $1 dollar you donate, you will be given ONE entry into the Sarah's giveaway and Justine's. So if you donate $50 US, that 50 entries for each giveaway! (check the widget for the prizes). Just enter with an easy entry on the Rafflecopter, donate, then email your receipt to Justine and we'll manually enter your entries! You only have to donate ONCE and you will be entered into BOTH giveaways (which means you also only need to fill out one Rafflcopter thing...manual entries will take care of the rest) HOW COOL IS THAT? And how EASY?

ALSO, don’t miss out on the awesome AUCTION this Saturday (October 6). There are some great prizes to be won!!!!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll ask Sarah and Justine for the answers.


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Helping to Prevent Suicide: Epic Giveaway & Auction + TIME