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The Social in Social Networking

©Stina Lindenblatt

As writers, we know the benefits of social networking. It enables you to build a platform and develop relationships that will help you when you publish your book(s). Unfortunately, not everyone understands the purpose of social networking. They see it only as a way to (shamelessly) promote their books or service. They miss the meaning of SOCIAL.

I recently discovered that there’s a software that tells people with Twitter accounts when people aren’t following them back. And what do they do if you don’t immediately follow them back? They dump you faster than you can say, “Twitter.” Are we heartbroken? Nope, because these people obviously didn’t care about us to begin with. They only followed us to up their follower numbers. They are users. And notice how ‘user’ rhymes with ‘loser.’ Need I say more?

Now when someone follows me, I wait two weeks before checking out their profile. If it still says, “Follows You,” I follow the individual back. If it doesn’t, I move on.

What are some of the more annoying abuses of social networking that you’ve seen? What strategies have you used to counter poor social networking etiquette?

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