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Fulfilling Your Destiny~ A Twist on Cinderella

This story is part of the "What if" fantasy blogfest found at http://morganshamy.blogspot.com/. I chose to be on team Plot Twist :)

"What if" Challenge- Aug. 13-17th

I hope you like the story... this is Cinderella... with a twist.

Cinderella stared at the glass slipper her fairy godmother presented. The tiny shoe, so exquisitely perfect, seemed too good to be true.
“Take it, my dear. If you do, tonight you will fulfill your destiny.”
Cinderella’s fingers shook as she reached toward the shiny stiletto. Everything she ever wanted laid in that shoe: to get away from her stepmother, to be free of her taunting stepsisters…
To be with the prince. Her destiny.
Carefully, she took the slipper and gently placed her toes inside. Her fairy godmother’s eyes shined and a smile curled on her lip as Cinderella pulled the shoe to her ankle. “To my destiny,” she sighed, hopes and dreams filling her head.
When the glass covered her ankle, Cinderella’s eyes closed, and she pictured her prince. A few seconds passed and she felt her body tremble. In anticipation, she opened her eyes and saw not her fairy godmother, but her wicked stepmother glaring down at her. “You thought you could outwit me, Dear? Thought you could sneak out and steal myprince for yourself?”
A chill rose from Cinderella’s ankle, up her leg and into her torso. It clamped around her heart, and she felt a squeeze. “What are you doing?” she gasped, slumping to the floor.
“Fulfilling your destiny,” the old witch sang.
The last thing Cinderella saw was her step mother’s hateful grin. She closed her eyes, took one last breath, and wished for a different destiny.
by: Kelly Martin
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Fulfilling Your Destiny~ A Twist on Cinderella + Novel