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IWSG-- The Rejection to the Full/Querying
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We all know how querying is. It's like putting yourself through torture. First, you write a query (after the manuscript of course) and it may or may not be good. You pray that it is. Then you send said query to the top agents on your list.
And you wait...
And not patiently.
Oh sure, you try to work on something else, but your fingers (and your eyes) always seem to go back to that email box 'just to check'. Of course, you only sent the query five minutes ago-- but what should that matter??? ;)
After that, you wait. Every time you see a email notification you get all excited. When you read the rejection, you try not to be defeated.
But then, by some miracle, you get a request for a full... a FULL!!!
You are elated! Surely they will read it and love it! Contract and bookshelves here you come!!
Then a week goes by. Then two. And maybe even months before you hear back. If you're lucky, you get a contract... if you are like a lot of people, you get the dreaded, "UNFORTUNATELY" (I very much dislike that word now lol)
In my case, it took two weeks... and I won't tell you how long she read my novel for-- because it's embarrassing and I'd probably never write anything ever again if you knew-- I probably need to do some revisions. Putting your book in the hands of an agent/publisher is like entering your kid into a beauty contest. You know he/she is the prettiest person there, but if someone else doesn't think so, it hurts.
It also makes you insecure.
What is your query/partial/full experience? How do you deal with the rejections (or the word unfortunately)? Do you/will you have a happy dance all set up when you do sign a book contract (I did :) It was awesome ;) ) ~Kelly
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IWSG-- The Rejection to the Full/Querying + Novel