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Today, I'm linked with Sweet Saturday Samples to give you a sample of my new book, CROSSING THE DEEP. It is a young adult book for all ages (from 13 to 30 to 90). Here is a little nugget to whet your whistle:

WARNING: There are some spoilers in this sample...

Asher held her up as they took off down the trail toward
what they hoped was the way home. His mind kept going back to
Rachel’s prayer and her faith. He wished he had her faith in
something… anything. But he didn’t think he had it in him.

“Do you know the first thing I’m going to do when I get
back?” she asked, bringing him back to reality.

“I don’t know. Go to church and do some sort of prayer

“Some sort of prayer ritual?” She laughed. Her smile lit up
her face, making Asher happy. She was getting to him, and he
seemed pretty powerless to stop it.

“Well, it seemed like something you’d do.”

“Maybe, and I guess I should, but right now all I want to do
is go to Buffalo Bob’s and eat a monster burger.”

“Really? ‘Cause I’ve been to Buffalo Bob’s and the monster
burger is bigger than your head.”

“Then it will be just about the right size.” She grinned at
him, her eyes bright.

For the first time, Asher saw her playful side,
and he liked it. It suited her. Upset, sad, angry didn’t look good on
her — this did. He wished she would be playful all the time.
“I’d pay to see that.”

“It’s a date then,” she said. The shock in her eyes told him
she hadn’t meant to let that slip. “Um… I mean, that was stupid…”

“A date would be nice.” He grinned, despite himself. Forget
the dump-­‐‑her-­‐‑on-­‐‑the-­‐‑mountain plan. He cared too much about her
to do that, even if he hadn’t shown it that much. Things would be
complicated when they got back home, but right then, he needed
something to look forward to. A date with Rachel fit the bill.

“A date?”

“Yeah, why is that so hard to believe? We’re technically on a
date right now.” He winked at her just to watch her blush. Yep, this
girl was fun. “But I don’t think Buffalo Bob’s would be a great place
for a second date. I’m thinking of something fancier. The

“The steakhouse?”

“One and the same. I want a big ole steak and giant baked

“You are such a man.” She laughed and rolled her eyes.

“Good of you to notice.”


She didn’t know what she should say to that. This all felt
weird. It was as if she was in the middle of one of those dreams that
felt real, but she’d wake up in her bed alone in the middle of the
night — never on this trip, never lost and hurt, never made a date
with Asher.

Even if this wasn’t a dream, and she was in fact hobbling
through the woods, at least she knew that the end neared. By
nightfall, she’d be in a nice, warm hotel room, retelling her
adventure to all of her friends, save maybe the kissing part. She
didn’t know how her mom would take that part.

She saw the sign before he did. “There’s Harrison’s Trail.”

“Yep, in all its glory. Looks like we made it. Again.”

“At least we know where we are, relatively speaking

“We know we are on a trail, but we have no idea where that
trail leads,” he reminded her.

“It leads this way,” she smiled, pointing out in front of them.

“That’s hilarious,” he deadpanned, causing her to snicker.
She didn’t know why she was so giddy. Exhaustion maybe?

Asher tightened his hold on her waist, not much, but enough
for her to notice. “Civilization, here we come,” he said and off they

It was different seeing new scenery, even if the new scenery
looked like the old for all intents and purposes. The woods still
looked like woods, but she’d grown so accustomed to the ones
she’d been in that she could tell the difference. With every step,
their temporary cemetery home became farther and farther away.
They were doing this. No turning back now.


When they had walked about two long hours with few rest
breaks, Asher heard something low in the distance.

“What is that?” Rachel asked.

He stopped and listened. It was a faint sound, a rumbling
maybe? It sounded far away, but he hoped it wasn’t what he
thought it was.

“Is that water?”

His jaw clenched when she said that, remembering the
overflowing creek that had cut off Deep Creek Trail. “I hope not.
Come on.” He started walking again, taking her with him.

As they walked, the sound got louder. It made Asher’s
stomach churn. About twenty minutes later, he saw what made the
roaring sound. Harrison’s Trail led past a huge waterfall. The falls
appeared to be about twenty feet from top to bottom, and it spilled
through the rocky terrain down the mountain.

“It’s beautiful,” Rachel said, looking at it in awe.

Asher wasn’t as impressed. “It’s blocking the path.”

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