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The Black Hair Fiasco Day 3

Well, I have been black headed for a grand total of 3 days now, and I've noticed somethings. 1. I'm not as confident. I thought I would be, but darn if I find myself wanting to run and hide so people don't see me, which is difficult since, well, I have black hair and it KINDA sticks out!

2. Old people do not like black hair on a young sprout. Of the 3 people who absolutely hated my hair, all of them were 45 and older. The younger people really loved it. Yay young people!

3. The hair has now changed to an interesting chocolate brown color. I'm liking it more and more as it goes away from gothic black. I'm a closet goth... ok, I'm not. I have no idea how to be a 'goth'. I don't really want to be. I do, however, tend to wear a lot of black and not have dark hair... so whatever that means. Maybe it was yet another phase I didn't live out in my teen years.

Ok, now to other things... it can't all be about my hair.

I said yesterday that the OC ff fans are the best in the world, and they are. I love them all, especially those who write replies... BUT there is another group of ff fans I love.. the TWILIGHTERS!!! I have been nominated for a twilight award for a story I wrote called Shades of Gray. NOW, If you are one of those people who laugh and mock FF writers, then go ahead... we do too. I sometimes find myself sitting in my chair when the kids are asleep writing about Ryan and Taylor or Bella and Edward and thing to myself, "Self, you are in idiot for writing something like this when you could be doing something important with your time." My reply to myself? "I work all day. Come home and take care of 2 kids and a DH, I deserve some me time and if it's writing a sex scene with Ryan Atwood then so be it." I have yet to write said sex scene, but you get my drift.

OH, here is the link to the Twilight Awards http://fallingstarr-mora.blogspot.com/ I'm nominated in the first catagory and like I said, the story is Shades of Gray.

**I plan on writing a whole thing sometime about how I'm going to vote in the election... but not right now. Now I'm worrying about driving to the 'big city' 60 miles away to an inservice tomorrow and I have no idea how to get there... I have my trusty map quest and that's about it. Wish me luck. I may never be back to update this blog... I may disappear and a body might wash up in the river in 3-4 years... the only way to identify it? It's unnaturally black hair!

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The Black Hair Fiasco Day 3 + TIME