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Thankful Tuesday~ 11/22/11

Thankful Tuesday This week, I am thankful for...
*A 2 day work week.
*My kids not having fevers (though the youngest two still don't feel 100%)
*My husband feeling better.
*Being able to go to the church community supper and getting to help lots of people in need.
*Having a terrific church family!
*Thanksgiving... and all that it means.
*An awesome play practice at church Sunday
*Finishing Nanowrimo!!! (Well, the story isn't finished, but I reached my 50,000 word goal! Yeee!)
*The Music to the Inception movie trailer ("Mind Heist")
*Youtube... for pumping music through my earphone so I could type my nanowrimo.
*Microsoft Word... for knowing what word I'm trying to type and typing it correctly for me... wish blogger had it.

I've had an AWESOME week! Awesomely tiring... and awesomely stressful (sick kids, sick husband, lots of church things), but as I sit here resting and reflecting, I can see so much how God had taken care of us this week. I am so Thankful for it :)
Now it's your turn. If you have posted any blog post about being Thankful, I invite you to link up below.

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Thankful Tuesday~ 11/22/11 + Review