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Nitpicking to Death

Have you ever nitpicked something until you couldn't nitpick it any more?

This post came to me while I working at school today, getting ready for our state evaluation Monday. We have known this evaluation was coming for months, and we have been getting ready for it... but today... today was supermode!

All of the big things were finished... and had been finished for months. But today... it was the nitpicky things. The things that I'm sure the state person won't even look at... things like: cleaning my desk, making sure the cots were just so, etc. Nothing 'important'... nothing that would get me yelled at... nothing that really meant anything... but at that moment, it was important to me.

I *had* to put pull-up diaper signs up in the bathroom, which was a good thing, but it wasn't something that was necessary.

After everyone had gone for the day, I looked around my room and had to laugh. Don't get me wrong, it looks really good. But I was laughing at how nitpicky I had gotten, and how I kept seeing more little things I could do.

Same for the book I'm editing. I've written the first draft, gone through the first round of edits, and now am working on rewriting the second time. I'm 9,000 words in, and I can already nitpick what I've written. Tonight, I was a little downtrodden thinking of all the time it is going to take me to finish this re-write and then go back and edit again (yes, I know it's the way of the writing world lol).

I had to laugh at how nitpicky I was/am getting. Some of it is good, some of it is not so good.

Sometimes things just are what they are and you move on. I've gotten my room the best I possibly can. I'll get my book as good as I can (even though I'm sure I'll always find ways to improve it).

Do you nitpick things? Do you nitpick people? Do certain people get on your nerves because they aren't as perfect as you want them to be? Do you get on your nerves because you nitpick every little thing you do wrong?

It is good to try to get things right... but you also have to know when it is as right as it will be, pray about it, and move on. That is something I have to work on.

How about you?

Much love, Kelly

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Nitpicking to Death + Review