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The 12 Stresses of Christmas-- TIME

Could you use an extra $320 this Christmas? TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO ENTER!! :) CLICK HERE TO ENTER... This is a 12 day series on the STRESSES of Christmas. Day 1 was... MONEY
The second stress of Christmas is...


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The second stress of Christmas that really gets to me... Time spinning faster.. and not having enough Mon-ey...

2. Time
Gracious... TIME! Folks, it's already the 10th of December... DECEMBER!!! I have no idea when that happened. The last I checked it was January (I'm not entirely kidding about that... ) Rush here... rush there... when all you really want to be is home and watching Christmas movies on TV.

My kids get so tired of me going, "Run, Hurry up! We're gonna be late for school!" If it's not every week morning of this world, it's at least the ones that end with 'Y'.

In short... Time doesn't seem to be a plentiful resource.

And why is that? Sure, this time of year we have lots of things to do, people to see, plays to put on (that's what I should be doing right now instead of blogging... ), etc. I can be on the computer writing, blogging... perusing Amazon... and it can be an hour later in no time.

Maybe the reason time is so fast is because we don't take time to just relax. At my house, normally the tv is on (my oldest thought it was broke once because it was off and thought we should buy another one lol), music from youtube blaring, someone on the computer, phone... something... When you fill your head with all of this, time gets sucked away from you (I'd to see how many hours I've 'wasted' playing games... and checking my Amazon ranking for CROSSING THE DEEP ;))

We can't do anything about the places we have to go, people we have to see, programs we/our kids are in... but we can decide how we spend our 'free time'. If you are rushing here and there, is there a reason? Do you spend too much time on the computer at night and either wake up late or have to do the things you could have done at night in the morning while you are yelling at your kids to hurry up and get ready? (Yeah... I admit... that's me some mornings... sigh.)

What would happen if we slowed down, took a breath, and just enjoyed this time of year? The same 24 hours happen every day, but some feel longer than others. Pray about your time. If there is something you can cut to make things easier on yourself (and it's not a calling God wants you to do)? Are there things you can cut to make your mornings run more smoothly?

Why do you feel like time flies by so quickly during this season? Do you feel like you don't have enough time to get everything done? If not, how can you change it? (I'm asking myself these questions as well... ) ~Kelly Lord, please show us how to use our time more wisely. Let us enjoy the time of the season and not overwhelmed by it. Make sure we know that it's okay to take a breath and reflect, meditate, or even not be on the move 24/7. In Jesus's name I pray, Amen.

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