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B90 Reading List

The Bible in 90 days is right on us (Monday!). I wanted to give you the reading guide in case you don't have it. Also, if you aren't on the facebook page and/or facebook group and want to be, please let me know. I don't want to leave anyone out :)


Some computers won't open it. If you can't, here are the first 7 days readings. I'll send out the full list next week:

Day 1: Genesis 1:1- Genesis 16:16
Day 2: Genesis 17:1- Genesis 28:19
Day 3: Genesis 28:20- Genesis 40:11
Day 4: Genesis 40:12- 50:26
Day 5: Exodus 1:1- Exodus 15:18
Day 6: Exodus 15:19- Exodus 28:43
Day 7: Exodus 29:1- Exodus 40:38

If you haven't signed up for b90 yet and want to, please reply to this message and/or send me an email at ohthatmomagain (at) yahoo (dot) com.

*So excited!*


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B90 Reading List + Review