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IWSG-- What If It Isn't As Good? (And Please Vote for Me)

Today is the first Wednesday of the month so that means... INSECURE WRITER'S SUPPORT GROUP time!

Every 1st Wednesday of the Month

This month, I'm insecure about being 'as good'. Let me explain, I love CROSSING THE DEEP, and apparently (from the reviews) most everyone else who has read it loves it too. It's a great thing, and I'm SO blessed to have so many great reviews! (Keep 'em coming ;) )
That said, my second novel, SAINT SLOAN, comes out FEBRUARY 28th, 2013! *HAPPY DANCE*
I love this book as well... but, you know how it is, I'm nervous that people won't like it 'as much' as the first one. It's mommy syndrome lol.
When my second child started Kindergarten, I worried that people wouldn't like her as much as her older sister. Same with my books. I'm sure it will always be that way. I'm working on Book #3 at the moment and have had to stop myself from the "This sentence isn't as good... it's not as descriptive.. yada yada yada"
It's easy to be our own worse enemy. When others see great reviews, we see the sales rank (actually, we see the sales rank of someone else... and get discouraged lol). When others see a book they love, we see how many shelves it is added to on goodreads.
It's a vicious cycle, but we can break it.
Take a deep breath.
They way I see it, I wouldn't think about things like this if I didn't care... and I do care. I care about my readers, my characters, my twitter/fb/goodreads/blog followers. Not everyone will like all of my books, and that's okay. I don't like every book I read either.
I've been a published author for two months... you'd think the insecurities would go away lol... From what I've learned they just change.

**CROSSING THE DEEP is up for a Preditors & Editors award for Best Young Adult Fiction for 2012! I would appreciate a vote :) CLICK HERE TO VOTE

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IWSG-- What If It Isn't As Good? (And Please Vote for Me) + Novel