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New Years Resolutions.. and some pretty big Dreams

Happy 2013!!!! Last year went so fast, I have a feeling I'll be writing my 'end of the year' post next week ;)

I've been reading a lot of blog posts about resolutions, and I thought I'd do the same. Maybe 'resolutions' isn't the right word, but my goals for the year.

I'm following Brenda Rodgers from Triple Braided and divided my goals up into 5 parts:


  • Keep up with the 365 daily reading and post on my Encourage 365 blog
  • Spend at least 15 minutes a day actually studying the Bible
  • Have a prayer request notebook to keep beside computer to write down any prayer requests I see throughout the day
  • Pray over prayer requests more than once a day
  • Pray before writing/editing/promoting. Ask God if I'm going the right direction He has for me.
  • Pray for my husband daily
  • Watch one movie a week with him (that's a big thing for me because I have a hard time sitting for two hours without writing)
  • Pray with him before bed
  • Keep the clothes and dishes washed every night (at least one load washed and put up every day), make the bed, deep clean the bathrooms 2x a week, get back on the 'cleaning train' I was on 2 years ago...
  • Listen closely to them before I say an automatic 'no'
  • Take more pictures as they grow
  • Understand that a 'mess' isn't the end of the world even if I am tired
  • Nightly prayer requests from them
  • Some sort of nightly devotional
  • Read at least 10 books this year
  • Lose hopefully between 20-50 pounds
  • Not be so hard on myself
  • Take a deep breath when I feel myself getting upset
  • Finish BIG is Beautiful by February
  • Work on blog tour for Saint Sloan (coming out soon)
  • Write 50,000 words for March deadline submission for Astraea Press
  • Write and submit 4 short stories to various places
  • Work out a marketing plan
  • Work out a blogging schedule
  • Work toward a goal I won't name on here but is a big one for me in the next 5 years
AND THEN THERE ARE THE DREAMS... I like to dream big, so here are my 5 dreams for the year... *Win a writing award *Be a #1 best seller *Have enough royalties to pay Christmas presents next year *Have books in paperback *Help change someone's heart and lead them to God through my books. There ya have it! What are your goals for the year? I'll revisit this every month to see how I'm progressing :) Much Love,

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New Years Resolutions.. and some pretty big Dreams + tour