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B-- Blogging

This is letter B in the A-Z challenge:


Today's topic is Blogging.
I'm pretty sure that 90% of you reading this today have a blog (or two or three... ). We all blog for different reasons. I can't speak for you, so I'll speak for myself...
I love to blog because it gives me a reason to write. I love to write. Sometimes, I know that what I write doesn't make much sense, and sometimes it might not get many comments (and those days hurt-- lets just all admit that now). But I do it because I love to have some sort of way to get my ideas out.
And I love being able to link up with other bloggers and learn new ideas. Since this blog started, I've been interested in cleaning, homemaking binders, writing, the Bible in 90 days, etc. I've learned so much about these topics thanks to other blogs I've read.
Some people make money on blogging. I'm not one of those people. I wish I knew how to make money on this lol, but I don't right this second. I'm sure I could use Google ads or something like that-- but, for now, I don't have it. It is a hobby-- a hobby that takes up a lot of time.
Why do you blog? Why did you choose the 'topic' of your blog? What is your favorite part of blogging? What are the challenges?

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B-- Blogging + Review