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C-- Creative

Today's letter in the April A-Z challenge is:

C-- Creative
Are you a creative type of person? I only have one thing 'creatively' I can do-- write. Other than that...
I'm not crafty at all. It's one of the things my aid and I laugh about at school. The most crafty thing I can do is paint (and by paint I mean putting two colors on paper and letting the kids mix them). Craftiness isn't my forte.
But being creative doesn't just mean writing or craftiness, it means different ways you deal with your life. It takes a certain amount of craftiness and creativity to deal with children.
Have you ever had to think of a story quickly to heal a boo boo? Or come up with a game spur of the moment to play with your bored (and rowdy) kids? Or made up a song? Or danced around like a loon? Or answered those 'kid/life' questions that you don't even really know the answer to yourself?
All of those (and much more) take creativity.
How are you creative? How do you use your creativity in your everyday life?
Some other C words I want to talk about are:
Cross--Because without Jesus dying on it, I'd be in a world of trouble.
Community-- Because I love the writing/mommy communities I've found on-line. I've met awesome people that I've never actually seen face to face.
Comments-- Because we've already established that I love them ;)
Much Love,
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C-- Creative + Review