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Q -- Query

Today's letter in the A to Z challenge from http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ is...

Q is for Query.
Do you know what a query is?
I had no idea what it was until I started trying to learn how to find an agent. A query is a letter, proposal, fight for your book's life that you send to an agent. It (in between 200 and 500 words) tells an agent everything they need to know about your 50,000+ masterpiece.
In a word: it's difficult.
I'm not good at them yet. I'll admit that, but I like it. I'd buy the book if I were an agent ;)
The thing about sending a query is that you inevidably (unless you are extremely luckly) will get a rejection. (REJECTION will be our R letter tomorrow. I have a neat little post written for that letter-- stay tuned--).
Are you good at writing queries? If you don't write them, are you good at summarizing? What resources did you find helpful? I LOVE absolutewrite.com. They have a great spot to post your queries (if you don't mind getting beat up a few times for it ;) )
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Q -- Query + Review