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GIVEAWAY AT Encourage 365!

If you didn't know, I have 3 blogs (I know... EEK). One of them, Encourage 365 was made because I promised God I'd write 365 consecutive devotionals (one for every day of the year). Except for 2 guest posts, I've done that (or will on June 19th).

To celebrate, I want you all to have some GREAT prizes! Click HERE and find out how to win. I have 2 of the prizes and would LOVE to have the other 2! (I'm so jealous of you for getting the opportunity to get them!)

Thanks so much for the support :)

Much Love

OH, and don't forget. Our first story at Faith Filled Fiction goes LIVE this Wednesday :) It's a great one-- :)

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GIVEAWAY AT Encourage 365! + Review