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Quest #4: Battling Bathroom Bedlam

(Ok, so I had to use http://thesaurus.com/ to find a synonym for chaos that started with a B lol... I'll admit it ;) )

So, hope you have rested from Quest #3. I really enjoyed that one, and I'm looking forward to this one.

Our Quest this week is working on our bathrooms. The goal is to:
*Organize our cabinets
*Throw old cosmetics away
*Throw old cleaning products away.
*Organize our towel closets (that will be my big one!!!)
*And throw away all old magazines we don't want any more

As Rosie the Rivitor says... "We can do it!!!!"

Good luck and happy cleaning!!!!!

Much love,


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Quest #4: Battling Bathroom Bedlam + TIME