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**Before I tell you my happy dance news, I'd LOVE if you'd click over and read this week's story at Faith Filled Fiction. Stacey has done a great job writing it! I know you will be blessed.


Last night, I made my first $0.24 as a writer!

This morning, I made my first $0.48!

I wrote the Ruth Bible Study for the Women's Ministry at church. I put it on Smashwords for free download, but I had some wonderful friends who said they didn't want it for free... they wanted to BUY it (awesome friends!).

So, I put it on createspace...

And now it's on Amazon!

Ignore the fact that it has Mrs. Kelly Martin as the author (it grates my nerves, but my husband thinks it's sweet ;)).

Ruth: Faith, Loyalty, Love, Redemption (Volume 1)

A five part Bible Study on the book of Ruth. This humorous and heartfelt study brings the verses to life and shows how love and respect can change the world. If you are interested in learning more or are interested in buying it, please click HERE. You can also download the free eBook version by clicking the link on the sidebar :)
*If you're wondering about the other books... 'Crossing the Deep' is still being queried to agents and publishers. If it doesn't get picked up, it's ok. I'll work on it and probably self-publish it (now that I kinda know how).
*I'm 44,000 thousand words into my second book. (Thanks campnanowrimo! :)) It reminds me of "The OC meets God"... I'll probably finish it up this week, then do edits. The PLAN is to not rush edits like I did the first book and do it right the first few times.
Both are Young Adult/Christian books which are REALLY hard to sell to agents/publishers, but that's ok. If they are meant to be published, they will be. I just love writing them.
Much Love,
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