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"Nothing is Too Small for God" Part 2

Yesterday, I blogged about how no problem is too small for God. Today, I want to talk about Part 2 of that...


No PRAISE is too SMALL for God.

Last night, the Ladies and I were reading our devotional, and in it, we were told to thank God for everything we have. So we closed our eyes and took turns saying, "Thank you God for... "

Now, my ladies are small so the things *we* were thankful for are
*our house
*dishwasher (I added that lol)
*the baby
*our family

I can just imagine God smiling as those 2 little girls had their little eyes closed thanking him for all of those seemingly small things. It's good to praise and thank him for the big things... but it's also good to take time to think about the seemingly small ones.

At church Sunday during the praise part, the baby raised her hand to the sky and jibbered something. Now, *I* don't know if she knew what she was doing or saying. She might have just been imitating what she was seeing others do... but even if she was... I believe God appreciates the effort.

Imagine yourself.

It feels good when you boss says something awesome to you! That is a really good report. You have lots of happy parents (I'm a teacher... happy parents make me happy :) ). You are doing a great job.


It also feels good when our peers take time to say something nice... so of the small things that make your day. You look so pretty today. I love that shirt. Your smile is just brightening up the room.

Big or Small, praise makes us as humans feel good.

There is no praise too small for God either. The only praise NOT small enough is not taking the time or effort to do it.

Much Love,


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