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Mysterious Ways... (Brag on God Friday)

Ah... the Lord works in mysterious ways.

We've all heard it, but sometimes He smacks us right up side the head with it! Those are the fun times... well if you count oral surgery 'fun', but I guess you need to know the beginning of the story.

Yesterday, I had surgery to remove my 4 wisdom teeth. Now, I only got 2 out because one of them was worse than the doctor thought and I only had 20% left on my knock out meds so I have to go back and do it all again... oh joy. Naw... it worked out for the best. I won't be as scared the next time, and I'll have time for this one side to heal before I have to have it done again. AND I can chew on that side of my mouth which is awesome since I'm STARVING...

BUT, that has nothing to do with my Brag on God Friday. I know... you are wanting me to get to it.

I had the surgery Wednesday... TUESDAY I WASN'T going to! I had talked myself out if it. I sent my sister (my poor sister) lots of texts explaining all of this too her. I was too busy to be 'out of commission' for as long as I thought I was going to be (that's my 3rd out of 3 posts about what I learned in the dentists chair... stay tuned... dun... dun... dun!). I told her I should wait until my kids got older... I told her lots of things. I was a bit freaked.

And my sister... my poor sister... gave me this advice, "Do what you always say do. Pray about it."

WELL, whollop ole Kelly upside the head!

To be fair, I HAD prayed about it. I had prayed about it in great length, but it was all about how *I* didn't *WANT* to have it done and all the reasons why. I was trying to make Him see things MY way (and yeah, we all know how well THAT goes!).

So, finally, right before I went to bed, I had this thought. My alarm clock doens't work all the time. I have to set my phone alarm as a back up during the school year because my alarm clock isn't reliable (can you see where my wheels were rolling??) In my great wisdom, I DIDN'T set my phone alarm... only my unreliable alarm clock.

Before I shut my eyes for the night, I prayed, "God, I'm leaving this all up to you. If you wake me up in time tomorrow, I'll go get the surgery. If not, I won't." And I went to sleep.

Now, I know you aren't supposed to test God, but it was all I could think to do at the time. I was giving God the choice...because if it was up to me, I was running for the hills!

I have 3 small kids (the reasons, I kept telling myself, as to WHY I shouldn't have the surgery). My kids are 5, 4 and 11 months. They are VERY good sleepers. They go to bed at 7 pm and wake no earlier than 6:30 am. EVERY DAY...

5:45 am... Me, sleeping peacefully because I KNOW I'm not going to have to go have surgery...

Then I hear it..


Yeap, the baby woke up 1 hr and 15 minutes earlier than she usually does. I went in, got her, and asked her if an angel had kissed her awake (she just laughed and smiled and gooed lol). So I fixed her a bottle and, defeatedly, went to take a shower to get ready for my surgery.

God works in mysterious ways.

The baby slept until 7 am today. She hasn't woken up earlier than 6:45 all summer.. yet 'somehow' (yeah I know how) she woke up on the exact same day I needed her too... I prayed for it.

Of course, I had to laugh. I thanked God for the 'sign' and I had my surgery.

That's not the only thing I have to 'brag on God' on this week!

God has answered so many of my prayers! More than I could ever even dream of for one week. He answered some of them I had for my husband, my sisters, and my daughter. My 5 year old told me today that she asked Jesus to come live in her heart :) I'm not entirely sure she knows what that means, but I DO know that her and her sister were playing today and she was telling her sister how to get Jesus into HER heart. Some kids play Barbies.. my kids play church. I'm ok with that :) (they play restaurant too lol).

It has been a really big week of blessings at my house. I learned that the spot that the doctor was 'pretty sure' was cancer... wasn't. I braved oral surgery. The hubs and I had a big, long, awesome heart to heart. My kids know about Jesus.

And I'm not saying all of this to brag about MY family. We are nothing special (well, we are special to ME, but we aren't special in any big sense... we blend really well). But God has just been right with us this week (as every week, but I guess I'm just seeing it more now). I truly, truly thank him for all he's done!

I have another blog. It's called http://www.365daysofbiblicalencouragement.blogspot.com/. Its only been up for 5 days. God has blessed me so much writing that. If it was only *me* reading it, it would be a blessing, but I'm so grateful that others are reading it and being blessed.

Much love and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!


Beholding Glory

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