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New Little Changes Happening...

If you've noticed, I've been working behind the scenes in phases to change this blog around. I wanted to have an author site, but I already had 3 other blogs. That just seemed like a lot.

So, I've closed down Encourage 365 (well it's still there, but I won't be posting... devotionals will be written and posted on this blog now). I've decided to keep Encourage 365 open :)

I've bought a new domain name for this site: www.kellymartinstories.com (do you like it?) You will still be redirected here by typing www.ohthatmomagain.blogspot.com

I'm going to use THIS site as an author site and as a devotional site (I'm actually really excited about this!). Most things will stay the same except for the name and devotionals here and not on the other site. Plus, there will probably be more writing updates.

I hope you continue to stay with me as I go through these changes. I'll always be a mommy and will always write on it, but I wanted this blog to be about different kinds of stories too: my home stories.. bible stories... and fiction stories.

I'm so glad to have you along for the ride! :)

Much Love,


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New Little Changes Happening... + Review