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5 Minute Friday: Dance

Today's Friday, so that means that the Faith Fiction Friday prompt is up @ Faith Filled Fiction... and the 5 minute Friday prompt is up at Lisa-Jo Baker's Gypsy Mama.

5 Minute Friday is simple. Lisa-Jo gives a prompt and you promptly (hehe) write on it for 5 minutes. No backsies, no edits (though I will spell check... because I just have too... )

Today's word is: Dance


There is a dance going on inside of me, maybe inside of you too. It's a delicate tango between the "I want too" and "I can't... "

As I glide on the dance floor of life, these two dancers glide around inside of me, twirling until I am dizzy and run down.

The "I want too" is strong. I WANT to do a lot of things. Sometimes those things seem so big they will never happen. And sometimes they seem selfish.

The "I can't" is always there, following the "I want too", matching every step. I can't do... because I'm just me. Seems to be the typical dip. It seems logical enough. I'm just... me.

There is a dance inside of me, maybe inside of you too. A delicate tango between "I want too" and "I can't". Maybe it's time to find a new dance partner...


Much Love,


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5 Minute Friday: Dance + Review