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The Day my 5 Year Old Thought She Broke Jesus

My 5 year old, Katie, loves Jesus. She loves him with her whole heart... even if she doesn't fully understand everything (really who does?). She 'tries' to understand (which makes it hard for ole Mama who is having to turn into a Biblical Scholar to answer all of her questions... but that's ok because I'd rather she ask me and to KNOW about Jesus than to NOT know).

Anyway, Katie always tries to be a good girl. She tries to take care of her little sisters. She is the typical oldest child who does too much for others.

But she is as sweet as can be.

Last Thursday, Katie came up to me and said, "Mama, I asked Jesus to come live in my heart. And he said yes."

Well, to be honest. I didn't know what to do. I was ELATED that my baby girl had thought enough to ask Jesus into her heart, but I was worried that she was so young that maybe she didn't know what she was doing, etc. I decided to encourage her, and to let her decide when/if she needed to be baptized (She's just 5 after all... but that is another story).

But I told her that I was so happy that she did that... and that she had to take care of Jesus now that he live in her heart...

And that is when, I think, this story took a wrong turn... (uh oh... anyone see foreshadowing????)

A few days later, my girls were play fighting. They are 18 months apart and sometimes they wrestle... laughing the whole time. I usually allow it for a while until they get too wound up. Apparently, I let it go a BIT too long that day.

Chloe, my 4 year old, hit Katie...





TEARS... BIG HUGE TEARS filled that girls face as she ran to me yelling, "CHLOE HIT ME! She broket my heart! She BROKET Jesus. And Jesus Ran AWAY!"

It was one of those mom moments that isn't funny... but telling it back later makes you chuckle.

I hugged her... she was REALLY distraught. She kept saying, "She broket my heart! She broket my heart! And Jesus ran away!"

I finally got he to calm down enough for her to listen to me. I wiped her tears away and said, "Katie. Jesus loves you. And even if Chloe 'broket' your heart in tiny pieces, Jesus would never want to leave. He would stay with you even if he could leave because he loves you that much."

Well, that seemed to satisfy her. She wiped her tears and went off to play.

And then, of course, I started thinking about us. How many times have WE thought we 'broket our heart and Jesus ran away'? But guess what, ladies? Jesus loves us. He would never want to leave us. He would stay with you even if he could leave... because he loves you that much!

As for Katie, well, she told me later that her heart had been fixed and now Jesus had a nice home in there again... at least until her sister breaks it again...

Much Love,


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