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Best Coupon savings yet :)

I saved $33.22 today at Walmart using coupons :) I DID end up paying 90.09 so it wasn't one of those huge percents of savings... but still. It was the best I've ever done.
I didn't take a picture (honestly between shopping with the ladies and the hubs, I was just ready to put it all up lol). But I did save my receipt so I can tell you what I got... well, some of it.

**The = is after coupons...

Pantene ($3.00 off 2)= $3.78 for one, $0.78 for the second
Gold Bond Hand Santizer ($2.00 off 1)= $1.97 each (bought 3)
Dove Men's bar soap ($4.00 off 1)= $1.97 each (bought 2)
Schick 4ct razors (Buy one Get one Free)= $5.97 for one (got other free)
Lysol Wipes ($1.00 off 2)= $1.98 each + 2 free (bundle packs)

Those were the good ones. I had several $0.50 and $1.00 off ones.

All in all... it was a good trip :) The paper was well worth it this week... :)

How about you? Did you find any really good deals?

Much Love, Kelly

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Best Coupon savings yet :) + TIME