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Think you have it bad? Use 'Google Images'

THAT is what Google images will do to you if you aren't careful.


Anyone ever use "Dr. Google?" You know what "Dr. Google" is? That's when you type in what your symptoms or what you THINK you might have on Google, and you end up with the bubonic plague... or worse (if there is a worse). You know how it is though... you end up with something much worse than you really have. A stomach ache can lead to (in Dr. Google's eyes) stomach cancer. A simple bug bite can be staph infection. You get the idea... and don't think I'm ratting on Google... I LOVE GOOGLE! Seriously! I'm a very faithful patient of Dr. Google... sad to say...

Anyway, today, I was visiting Dr. Google's neighbor, Google Imager (you have all used it, I know). And I typed in skin cancer.

Ok, background here is that tomorrow I have to have a small 'mole' (I've named it "Spud") off of my arm.

Here is Spud:


Ugly little thing, ain't it?

Went to the doctor Thursday, and she thinks it's a basal cell carcinoma and I have to have a punch biopsy (something else you shouldn't look up). She, of course, said not to worry... Why do people say that? If someone says not to worry about something... what do you do? You worry.

Now, I know I shouldn't. I know if it IS skin cancer then it's the most common and it is easy to take care of. IF its not, then YAHOOO! I told my sister that skin 'cancer' shouldn't even be called 'cancer'. It should be called a 'skin malfunction' or something. Cancer is such an ugly word.

So, back to the point of this... if you EVER want to make yourself feel better, use google images. You can see some bad things on there. After I looked at a few of them, I felt pretty darn good about ole "Spud".

BTW, make sure not to use Google Images with an empty stomach! Wowzers.

Much Love, Kelly

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