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"Like Mama used to say... "

I tell ya... the girls' little devotional book is at it again... If you didn't read it before, we are reading the 365 Very Veggie Devos for Kids that I talked about here before bed every night. Some of them, I think, are hitting me more than them lol. Maybe I'm just older, and they mean more to me. Or maybe God marked this book 50% off (so the ole stingy Mama would buy it) for a reason... hmmmmmm...

Tonight's devotional is about Thinking Before you Speak...


I am trying so hard with this one. I promise I am. I've gotten to the point where I say, "Now, I know I shouldn't be saying this... but... " I had a Sunday School teacher tell us once that it was always what was AFTER the 'but' that people truly meant. You've been around people (I'm SURE you have if you live in the South) who say, "Oh, bless their heart, but that girl is as loose as a goose!" If you take the 'disclaimer' out of "Bless her heart" well, it's not the best sentence in the world, is it?

My big one, like I said, is "Now, I know I shouldn't be saying this... but... "

Well, foot, if I KNOW I'm not supposed to be saying it.. then why say it? (Because I'm human and my mouth likes to jabber lol)

Did your Mama ever say "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Yeah...

Yet something else to work on...

Now, I have to admit, I got kinda discouraged about that. Something *else* to be thinking about. Don't gossip, say nice words, let my actions speak more than my words... that's a LOT to think about, and that's not even the half of what we are 'supposed' to do... but God knows I'm not perfect (Thank goodness!). He knows that I make mistakes. He knows that as much as I try, my mouth jabbers sometimes before I can stop it (I really need to take more time before I speak sometimes.. probably would keep me out of some situations... ). The great thing about God is that you can just ask for forgiveness... and if you are saved, then you get it (or as my kids say, "God's happy again.")

Sorry, I've been posting so much lately. I have a lot going on here lately (well, a lot for me), and when I'm a bit nervous, I ramble (but the good thing about blogging is that I have the backspace to keep me from saying too much lol)

On that note, much love, happy cleaning, and think before you speak... or blog... or facebook... or twitter... And if when you mess up, ask for forgiveness. (Ok, today's little kiddy devo divine 'beating' wasn't as bad as some of the others lol)


P.S. if you want you can buy the little 365 Very Veggie Devos for Kids book (that likes to whack me upside my spiritual head) here. It really is a good little book.

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