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Baseboard cleaning...

I'm going to admit something to you... I NEVER thought that cleaning a baseboard would do any good.

See, there I said it, and I feel better for it (in the words of Captain Jack).

I remember about 8 years ago talking to a co-worker about Spring Cleaning. She informed me that she was going to 'wash her walls' and I informed her that she was crazy.

WHY wash walls?

WHAT was the purpose?

THEY were JUST walls?

Oh... how the high and mighty have fallen... on their knees... and scrubbing their walls.

So, I finished my quest today (I KNOW... on Tuesday!) and I started looking at my walls and Wow, you CAN tell a difference.

And I'm not entirely sure if it's because I did it that I notice, but I can.

A clean baseboard is something that only *you* might know about. I mean, really, how many times do we go into someone elses' home and go, "Wow, you have some awesomely clean baseboards!"

Um... no.

No... We don't really pay attention to other people's and I dare say no one will look at yours.


They are dirty and yucky and THEN people will go... ewwwwwwwww. (for lack of a better term).

(Yes, there are actually pictures on photobucket for 'dirty baseboards'. I was kinda afraid to see what I would get searching that. No, that's not my house.)

A baseboard is kinda like your appendix. You know its there. You know it does 'something', but you never really notice it until it gets yucky.

So, ladies. Please do this week's quest. Clean your baseboards. I did my house in about an hour. I never thought it would make a difference, but it does.

I'll post more about it on Saturday along with next week's quest...

Much Love,

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Baseboard cleaning... + TIME