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5 Minute Friday: Risk

It's Friday again (has another week already gone by!), and that means two things. One: it is faith fiction Friday @ Faith Filled Fiction AND Two: it is 5 Minute Friday @ Lisa-Jo Baker.

I'd love for you to check them both out.

What is 5 minute Friday?

Basically, you sit your bottom in a chair, read the prompt, and write on the prompt for 5 minutes... The kicker is you can't go back and edit (for content anyway... I do use my backspace, silly Kelly). It's time to let your imagination run while.

This week's word is: RISK


I'm not much one for taking risks. Seriously, I would rather stay at home than drive somewhere (even though I do). I'm not thrilled with trying new foods, and I HATE Ferris wheels (I'm all Ryan Atwood that way-- OC reference-- so shows my age... )

So, a few months ago when I decided to write a book, I hesitated a bit because it was a risk. Now, I wasn't going to die (like I might on the Ferris wheel... in my mind anyway), but it was hard putting myself out there. I've gotten used to it now.

I'm more of an introverted person. I don't talk a lot if I don't know you... not that I don't want too... but because I don't know exactly what to say. I don't want to risk sounding silly or stupid or weird.

I do want to say that some risks are good (writing a book, doing something you have always wanted to do, getting on that blasted Ferris wheel when your 6 year old says it will be ok because she will hold your hand... ). Some risks aren't (gambling your last money away, tempting God, etc). Before you do anything that might be considered risky, pray about it.

That said... what would life be without a little risk...


Yeah... that was a total ramble. Sorry about that.

BUT, gonna post it anyway (I'll risk it ;) )

Much Love,


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