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There is a possibility that I have lost my mind.

I have a bit of an annoucement--- well, it's not really an annoucement. It's more of a "I'm telling you so you can hold me accountable... "
I have decided to participate in the 'National Novel Writing Month' (www.nanowrimo.org).
That's right, friends.
I have my plot.
I have my characters.
I have my setting.
I'm writing a novel!
In a month!
While working full time!
And have 3 kids!
And a marriage!
And a house!
And 2 blogs...
And Sunday School to Teach...
Yes - I may have possibly lost my mind!
BUT -- I'm committed to doing this. Writing a novel is something I've always wanted to do. It will more than likely never see the light of day -- but I never said that I had to sell it -- just write it lol.
SO, this is where YOU come in!
I'm still going to type up the "What is Love?" Bible Study, the Thankful Tuesday posts. Also, I'm going to blog about my adventure in writing the first draft of a novel in a month (hewboy!). However, I'm asking if I could have some of you fine people as guest posters :)
I Heart Guest Posting.
I think it is such a blessing to get to write something for someone else.
I'd love to give others that opportunity.

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