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How I find time to write by J. Andersen

I'm so sorry this post is late tonight. I had some internet trouble. I hope you read today's post by J. Andersen, though, because as a wife and mommy to young kids, I can so relate :)

How I find time to write by J. Andersen (author of AT WHAT COST) :
I don’t. Not enough anyway. And with three kids—one of whom is 16 months old, a house project and various other activities, I’m lucky if I can find an hour or two a day. I’ll admit, I complain about it every once in a while. Okay, maybe I complain a little more than that, but it is what it is. I’m not going to give up time with my family or volunteering at the library or participating in church events. It just won’t happen, so I must take what I can get. This means I write when the baby is napping. Usually that affords me two hours or so, but with the banging and clatter of hammers on our house just above where the Bug is sleeping, usually it’s thirty minutes at most.

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But the house is almost done, and we’ll get back in a routine again. The Bug will sleep a bit more, and I’ll have structure. So, two to three hours is what I’ll have to write the next great novel. I hear stories of my fellow authors cranking out multiple books a year, and I don’t know how they do it. Must be they have more time than I have. Either that or they stay up all hours of the night working. I like my sleep too much. That and my brain doesn’t really function well at night. If I’m honest, my brain doesn’t really function well in the morning either. It’s a good thing the Bug sleeps in the afternoon because anything creatively minded must take place in my head between the hours of 10 am and 2:30. At least I can say I’m aware of my limitations.
So this lack of time and knowing my own creative thinking limitations has made me a planner. If I plan and know exactly what I’m doing, when I sit down, I can crank out a good edit or chapter. I may only get a half a chapter done in a sitting, maybe a full one, but each novel is written page by page. And eventually in a year or so, I have a fully edited novel. Yes, I’m slower than most. I’m more the tortoise than the hare, but remember who won the race? ~*~*~ Love it, J.! ~Kelly

At What Cost by J. Andersen

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How I find time to write by J. Andersen + Novel