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Nashville VS Huntsville

Well, friends. I made it home from my adventure in one piece. It was touch and go for a while. It's really NOT fun being lost in Nashville. I was caught alternating between cursing like a sailor and praying like a saint.. SO I decided that wasn't doing any good, and cut out the cursing. And a miracle happened! I was supposed to be looking for 'Frankin Pike'. I got turned around somehow and ended up back on the interstate (nice!). Anyway, I was freaking out, turned on the first road I saw because I was going to turn back at the redlight at the top of the ramp... ONLY the ramp didn't stop at the redlight. It just kept on going. SO (freaking more and praying like the dickens), I went on and decided to turn around again at the next road to take me back to the road I missed, to take me back to the interstate, to take me back to the road I made the wrong turn on (I know, makes a LOT of sense lOL). Anyway, as I started to turn I looked up and saw the road sign 'Franklin Pike'. I almost cried from happiness. And turns out it was the right road and the right direction!! I found the place easily after that. I could have kissed the ground when I got there though LOL.

Now, the meeting was an autism training for SPED teachers. It was interesting... after the first hour when I couldn't stop looking at other people's hair color and wondering how ugly mine really was. Finally I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, decided I didn't look half bad, and went back. I focused the rest of the time.

The end of the day was very interesting... since I had absolutely no idea how to get home. But I love trying to get home from Nashville without directions. This is going to sound corny probably, but it makes me think of my Daddy and smile. My Daddy didn't talk a lot, but he did give good advise. One of those was that when getting home from anywhere, always go toward Knoxville. I kept thinking that over and over, which would have been wonderful, if the first crossroads I came too weren't "Nashville" and "Huntsville". I prayed, chose Nashville (deciding I'd rather stay in Nashville that go all the way to Huntsville. It turned out to be the right way and after getting off of several interstates (I-65, 24, 440, and 40), I ended up home... finally. It was actually really fun coming home. Going, not so much.

**I think I've mentioned this before, but I don't feel nearly as confident or attractive with this new hair. I feel awkward and self conscious... very self conscious. I"m going to try to dull it. I can't take it much longer.

Ok, off to relax with the family. Watch some Dancing with the Stars (I'm rooting for the Olympic man to go this week). It's not wrong to have a SMALL crush on an 18 year old is it... Cody Linley is adorable! He's definitely my favorite to watch this season. Makes me feel like a dirty old woman LOL

HAPPY, home, LIFE, relax, and more:

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