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Your Homemaking Binder~ Magazine clippings

If you have read this blog in the past, you know that I absolutely LOVE my homemaking binder. (Mine looks a bit different now. I guess I need to do a new photoshoot with it in its current glory lol).

I had never heard of a "homemaking binder" until one day I was watching youtube for coupon binders and this video showed up under suggestions. I watched. I loved. I made myself one lol. It really is a handy little thing. I keep my daily chores, daily to do, weekly to do, monthly to do (because I have to write something down at least 3 times to remember it lol), my meal planning, my bills, school stuff, and some personal things I've added. I use the Bills section, daily section, and calendar section the most. If you don't have one, you really should make one :) They are really handy (I have made 2 pages you can use for yours.. look under the Free Printables at the top of this page.)

Other binder templates I love are at http://www.moneysavingmom.com/ actually there isn't much at moneysavingmom that I don't like!!!

http://clutterbug.me/ has some really cute organizational pages too.

Anyway, I saw this next tip on youtube and I can't for the life of me remember which video I saw it on (sorry). However, I've started using it and love it.

I usually get Parenting magazines every month and sometimes some recipe books... ALWAYS the "All You" Magazine from Wal-mart (coupons!! :) ). Anyway, the point is what you can do to make your binder more "You" and more inspirational is to tear out magazine pages that either inspire you, have recipes you love/want to try, have parenting ideas that you want to remember, etc. I have several pages in my binder now. I have a few parenting ones, one or two relationship pages... one page I have is my dream kitchen lol You tear them out of your favorite magazines, place them in sheet protectors, and throw them in your binder. It really does add a very nice personal touch.

You get the idea. I've also seen inspirational notebooks used alongside homemaking binders if you don't want to put them together. It 'can' start looking cluttered after awhile (I don't care. I like all of my things together in one notebook.)

It also cuts down on magazine piles when you tear out what you find important and throw the rest away. I've went through this week and purged lots of old magazines (yes, I had Life & Style s from 2007 lol.).

Anyway, that is your tip today. Make your binder something you WANT to look at... not something you HAVE to look out. Just like cleaning.. make it something you WANT to do... not something you HAVE to do. WHO wants to HAVE to do something?... I *have* to go to the dentist tomorrow... what fun is that??? I CHOOSE to clean up tonight because I quite enjoy a non-cluttered house (well I assume I do.. I haven't completely decluttered yet lol)

So, there is your tip. I hope it helps you out. Remember... tomorrow is Friday. The big Korraling Kitchen Klutter reveal... I hope some of you have joined me on this Quest. It took me all of an hour and a half (of course.. I made my kids help ;) ) and I really like the results... you be the judge tomorrow.

Much love... Happy cleaning... and Cheerful Chores.


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Your Homemaking Binder~ Magazine clippings + TIME